IRIS SMEDS SELL-OUT is a performance project that deals with questions of the true value of art and the idea of the artist as an art piece. The performances consist of auctions, where the auctioneer Lily von Wallenstein offers the art of Iris Smeds to the highest bidder.

The auctions started out on a small scale in Iris Smeds’ studio during 2009, with the idea that the events was the true art piece, while the art that was sold functioned as props. After two successful auctions Smeds decided to take the concept to a larger scene, which now results in IRIS SMEDS TOTAL SELL-OUT at Clarion Hotel.

IRIS SMEDS TOTAL SELL-OUT consists of a short exhibition in the Hotel lobby that ends with an auction in one of the hotel’s conference rooms on the 6:th of November. This time Iris Smeds takes the objectification of herself as an artist further with works as Iris Smeds Museum (in which she auctions out her own apartment), Iris Smeds’ Protection (in which she auctions out her protection) and Iris Smeds’ Career (in which she auctions out her career).